Deep Blue Creative prides itself on transparency & exceptional customer service. Here’s what you can expect.


01. Discovery & Aesthetic

In an effort to optimize time and minimize wasted energy, we begin with a set of discovery questions that, when answered thoughtfully, provide the knowledge needed to appropriately understand your business and goals. 

Once I have had time to review your responses, and process the information in context, I provide you with several moodboards with the goal of establishing your preferred aesthetic. There is no need to understand "contemporary vs. traditional" or "monoline vs. emblem" as defining your aesthetic is as simple as choosing a moodboard with images to which you are most drawn. 

02. Sketching & Research

With your aesthetic and real world applications in mind, I will begin sketching rough concepts the old fashioned way - with pencil and paper. Using flowcharts, wordmaps, and general brainstorming, I explore any and every idea that comes to mind. 

With a dozen (or dozens) of ideas converted to rough sketches on paper, I then want to take a look at other brands in the same market-space, comparing my sketches to their logo, to guarantee the logo chosen to refine and iterate upon does not resemble, and/or duplicate, a logo already in use within the same space. 


03. Concepts & Proposal

Next, sketches are scanned into Adobe Illustrator (or, on ocassion, Affinity Designer for iPad) to become digitized/vectorized. This is the step during which ideas become a refined reality worthy of presentation to the client.  Both of these programs output lossless vector shapes, which means images produced within them can be scaled infinitely without losing quality. 

After digitizing the concepts, I compile a presentation in PDF format which will include mockups (small and large scale), various color options (if applicable), as well as black and white versions. The presentation, once delivered via email, will be discussed via telephone. 


04. Selection & Revisions

Following the presentation, concepts are identified by the client for further refinement and iteration. Shortly thereafter, refinements are presented so that a single concept can be chosen and finalized.

That final version is then pain-stakingly scrutinized for design flaws that need correction prior to final delivery. 

05. Delivery & Support

Depending upon your needs, and the final outcome of the project, clients can typically expect to receive between 30 and 70 files for use across different settings. This will include files for print, web, and social media. Your final package will also include all original Illustrator files (.ai or .eps) as you will have complete ownership of your project. 

Because delivery includes a vast array of files intended for many use-cases, I am available post-delivery support and guidance if the client desires.