Logo Development FAQs.

Do you have a question about logo development that is not covered in the FAQ section?


01. How long does the logo design process take?

Because the logo design process includes a great deal of research in addition to custom artwork, I typically ask clients to allow a minimum of two weeks for a logo design project to be initiated, completed, and delivered. Though I do strive to complete projects within this two week time frame, there are many variables that impact the timeline as well. A few of the major variables that can extend a projects timeline are project scope, communication style, and responsiveness.

02. How many logo concepts will I receive?

The number of concepts you receive will be agreed iupon in our initial communications and will directly correlate with the scope of your project. Typically, I provide a minimum of three logo design concepts and as many as ten in some cases. The number of concepts requested, however, will be factored into the project cost as additional concepts require additional resources. Regardless of the number of initial concepts produced, one concept will be refined and finalized for delivery unless otherwise specified in the project briefing.


03. Can I make changes to my logo?

Absolutely! At any time during the design process, if you wish to make changes, just ask! My goal is for you to be excited about your project and sometimes that means making changes and adjustments along the way.

However, once a logo design has been refined, approved, & finalized, additional changes will be billed separately.

04. What if I don’t like any of the logo options presented?

The concepts I present are based on the information you provide, target audience discovery, and market research. These factors determine the direction the project will take and ultimately the final product. My goal is to craft a logo design that meets your needs and connects with the target audience.

Though highly unusual, if you dislike the designs you don’t need to make full payment. Before work begins on a logo project I take a 50% payment up-front, with the remaining balance due prior to final delivery. If you don’t like the work completed, there is no need to pay the final balance.


05. What files will I receive for my logo design?

Depending upon the project scope, and the goal of the project, clients can typically expect to receive between 30 and 70 files for use across different settings. This will include files for print, web, and social media. Your final package will also include all original Illustrator files (.ai or .eps) as you will have complete ownership of your project. 

06. How do I access/download the files for my logo design?

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all files will be stored on Deep Blue Creative’s Professional Dropbox account and assigned a unique URL for you to download at your convenience. The URL will be included in the final email for your project, and will remain live for several weeks, allowing access to original files and, in some cases, updates following initial delivery.


07. Who owns the rights to my logo design?

Upon final payment, and delivery of the agreed upon files, complete ownership of your logo is transferred to you. I only reserve the right to showcase and/or display your project in my portfolio and in conjunction with other promotional items for Deep Blue Creative.

Please note, I take no action to copyright, trademark, or register your logo in any official capacity on your behalf. If you would like to have your project trademarked, copyrighted, or registered, you must take personal action to do so.

08. Do you provide support after you’ve delivered my logo?

Because logo delivery includes a vast array of files intended for many use-cases, I am available post-delivery support and guidance if the client desires. In some cases, I am available for reformatting if needed for specific use-cases and/or materials.


09. How much does it cost to have my logo designed by Deep Blue Creative?

There are several factors that create a wide variance of pricing for a logo design with Deep Blue Creative; project size/scope, turn-around time, value to the client, etc.. I utilize information gathered during our initial communications to determine the best approach to meeting your needs while also satisfying your budget. As a parent, and a small business owner, I am empathetic to the notion that we are all working to make ends meet. I will be 100% transparent with you about pricing in our conversations and will never add charges we have not agreed upon.